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About Us

Himalayan Lawyers & Associates

Himalayan Lawyers and Associates (HL&A) was founded in 2021 based in Babarmahal, Kathmandu Nepal. The firm is led by Advocate Saroj k. Ghimire, a PhD Scholar and a dual LLM degree holder Graduated from John Moores University, Liverpool, UK and India. He has represented Nepal in International conferences and has been a consecutive four time speaker and presenter at International Bar Association Annual Conference.

HL&A offers wide variety of high-quality services, addressing our clients’ requirement and working towards a problem solving goal. With the team’s professional excellence, innovation, devotion, leadership, expertise and experience, HL&A has been able to build and maintain long term relationships with its clients and National and International legal fraternity.

Why Choose Himalayan Lawyers
& Associates?

Litigation and Arbitration​​

Litigation or Arbitration are the two most popular means to resolve a dispute. Arbitration is held outside of the courtroom, whereas litigation is conducted within. But both have legal significance and validity.

Advocacy and Research

Giving someone support so they may speak up is what advocacy entails. It is also a service designed to support individuals in understanding and expressing their rights.


Only for the good cause. In the realm of law, it often refers to offering legal services for free or at a considerably discounted cost without the expectation of receiving a financial reward.

Our Areas of Practice

HL&A offers wide range of legal service having expertise in the field for over four decades. 

Commercial Law

Attracting FDI helps to link a country’s economy to global value chains and facilitates economic upgrading. FDI brings investment, jobs, increases exports, supply chain spillovers, new technologies and business practices to countries. While the benefits of FDI are well recognized, they do not flow without a conducive policy, legal and institutional environment.

Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation or Arbitration are the two most popular means to resolve a dispute. 

Immigration Law

Immigration law is the body of laws, rules, and policies that determine who is allowed to enter or exit a nation.

Aviation Law

It controls the business and legal facets of flight and air traffic and travel, including airport operations, air traffic rights, aviation safety and security, and airline economic restrictions.

Media and Telecommunication Law

The subset of the broad categories of governance and regulation for the control of media and communications in society and providing Digital Rights. 

Information and Technology

Labour and Employment Law

It is the area of legislation applied in the issues of employment, compensation, working conditions, trade unions, and labor relations.


NGO and INGO are autonomous bodies whose purpose is not profit oriented rather to serve in socio- cultural, educational political issues within the community or to international associations.


We take great pleasure in our expertise and will always take the time to understand your situation before advising the best course of action.

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