PRESS RELEASE – Himalayan Lawyers Condemn the Terrorist Attacks in London and Stockholm

[PRESS RELEASE] Himalayan Lawyers Condemn the Terrorist Attacks in London and Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

April 10, 2017

The Himalayan Lawyers & Associates (“HL&A”)is deeply shocked and condemn the recent inhuman terrorist attacks in the City of London and Stockholm. The Managing Partner Saroj K Ghimirehad visited London a month prior to the attack that took life and injured many people at the Westminster Bridge on March 22, 2017. Similarly, in a note of deep sorrow and solidarity, Mr.Ghimire was able to put hands together on April 9, 2017 to share the saddest moment of the Swedish People against Stockholm attack on April 7, 2017. Mr. Ghimire was deeply moved to stand on the spot where he paid tribute to all those killed and prayed for the resolve of the people of Sweden to that cowardly attack.

The HL&A express its deep condolence to the family who lost their loving ones in the terrorist attacks no matter wherever the horrible incidents have occurred in the world and extend its deep sense of solidarity towards the fight against terrorism. HL&Abelieve that the act of terrorism can never be justified for any reason whatsoever and is detrimental to the peace and order of our world. Therefore, it should be deplored and condemned unconditionally and stopped immediately.

This week marks a second anniversary of the tragic earthquake disaster in Nepal and the Nepali people still remember how deeply we were touched by the support we received from the people of UK and Sweden during the troubled time. Pain knows no borders and humanity can only foster cosmopolitanism. Sympathies, support, and solidarity from British and Swedish people in all our tough times have been a great solace and at this difficult time, we at the HL&A can only send all those feelings back twofold.

HL&A will always remain active and continue to work hand in hand with the world in the fight against terror as a part of our Professional Responsibility towards but not limited to justice, humanity and peace etc. Together, we will never cease to prove that love will always triumph over hate and that tolerance will always triumph over fear. We urge the entire legal fraternity of the world to come forward and raise voice for the peace and justice for all, while also condemning any kind of terrorist activities.