Commercial Law

Company and Industries:

HL&A has been consistent to feasible access and communication with Office of Company Registrar, Department of Industry, Department of Labour and other related authorities. We perform our best service in providing as follows:

  • Registration and Liquidation of the Company
  • Registration of the Industry
  • Companies with Foreign Investment
  • Consultation
  • Due diligence
  • Audit Report
  • And other matters as per the requirement of client

Banking and Finance:

HL&A is involved in numerous banking and economic concerns. It has been widely involved in money lending and borrowing, as well as financial liability management. We help our clients structure transactions so that their legal and commercial interests are protected, as well as negotiate and document the contractual connection between  lenders and borrowers.

Intellectual Property law:

Intellectual property has become increasingly important in competitive, technology-driven sectors in recent years. HL&A has extensive experience in the realm of intellectual property. It has experience protecting intellectual property assets as well as enforcing intellectual property rights in court. In this ever-changing, technologically-driven world of law, we keep ahead of the curve. We offer advise and guidance on the following topics:

  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights specially included in Contract
  • Identification, Protection and Registration of IP.
  • Licensing
  • Protection of Intellectual Property Assets.

Tax law:

Tax law is one of HL&A key areas of expertise. It has been aiding its clients in responding to the present environment’s issues and focuses on the development of realistic solutions to tax concerns. HL&A has excellent professional relationships with Nepal’s tax regulatory authorities, which include the Finance Ministry, the Inland Revenue Department, tax offices, and other entities. We assist our clients with the following tax-related difficulties.


This firm has been providing opinions and advice on compliance under the competition law and regulations to various companies. HL&A advices its clients based on huge experience on cross border transactions including mergers and joint ventures.

HL&A has been providing following legal services:

  • Abuse of Dominant Market Position
  • Antitrust Litigation
  • Antitrust Regulatory Matters
  • Bidding and Public Procurement
  • Anti-competitive agreements
  • Competition Law Compliance Strategies, Programs and Audits
  • Competition Litigation
  • Competitive Tendering
  • Merger Control Regulations
  • Pre-Merger Advice