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Himalayan Lawyers & Associates

HL&A offers wide variety of high-quality services, addressing our clients’ requirement and working towards a problem solving goal. With the team’s professional excellence, innovation, devotion, leadership, expertise and experience, HL&A has been able to build and maintain long term relationships with its clients and National and International legal fraternity.

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Our History

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Why Choose Himalayan Lawyers and Associates?

Since we prioritize outcomes. What creates value for you and your business is everything to us. Above all, we want you to benefit from our words.

Litigation and Arbitration​​

Arbitration or litigation are the two most popular means to resolve a legal dispute. Arbitration takes held outside of the courtroom, whereas litigation is conducted within. But both have legal significance.

Advocacy and Research Unit​​

Giving someone support so they may speak up is what advocacy entails. It is also a service designed to support individuals in understanding and expressing their rights

Probono Unit​​

In the realm of law, it often refers to offering legal services for free or at a considerably discounted cost without the expectation of receiving a financial reward.

What Our Clients Say

“Est elit nulla risus a purus faucibus gravida tempus, magnis mauris tellus vitae bibendum faucibus id phasellus rutrum vel non quis pellentesque sem.”
Jammie White
“Est elit nulla risus a purus faucibus gravida tempus, magnis mauris tellus vitae bibendum faucibus id phasellus rutrum vel non quis pellentesque sem.”
Michael Johnson
“Elit id pretium, nec sit pretium massa nibh ut cursus auctor ac sociis proin justo, et commodo at maecenas magna.”
Julie Kyle